Swimming at Meme and Poppy's

While Meg and I were in San Antonio, we jumped in the pool. It was a little chilly at first, but was quite refreshing after I got used to it. Of course, Meg jumped right in and told me I was silly for thinking it was cold.

I remember as a kid swimming at my neighbor's house. As long as the water temp was above 78, we would swim and swim and swim. As an adult, I'd prefer the temperature of a pool to be around 90. I wonder when the change occurred.

Here are a few pictures of Meg while we were swimming. I still love my camera and can't believe I survived without it for so long.

***Meg and Dixie posing pretty for the camera******Meg jumped into the pool "belly flop" style and this was what her eyebrows looked like***

***she loves to swim***
I will post video tomorrow of her swimming. I hope by the end of the summer she'll be a champ!

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