Remember when…

…you were a child and couldn’t wait for the first warm day of the swim season?  IMG_8177 copy

Just the thought of a warm enough day to allow you to go for a dip?  IMG_8178 copy

The day didn’t even have to be  THAT warm, but just warm enough.  IMG_8180 copy  

I remember dipping my toes in and thinking, it’s not that cold…IMG_8195 copy

…it’s warm enough.IMG_8196 copy

Today, was one of those days for Megan…IMG_8201 copy

…she thought Meme & Poppy’s pool was warm enough for a swim.  IMG_8202 copy

I decided to let her put on a swim suit and give it a try…IMG_8217 copy

…what do you think? 

Was it warm enough for a swim? 

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