Yes, she did!

Yes, it was warm enough for a swim!   Meg took the plunge and went for a swim on Saturday afternoon. 

I counted to three.  IMG_8219 copy 

And Meg plunged into the pool.  IMG_8220 copy 

As soon as she hit the water, I could tell she was cold.  IMG_8222 copy

She didn’t have enough momentum to carry herself across the pool…IMG_8224 copy

…so she had to go under.  IMG_8226 copy

She was so cold I thought I was going to have to throw Meme in after her.  IMG_8228 copy

I would have jumped in to save her…IMG_8229 copy 

…but who would have taken pictures? IMG_8231 copy

Lucky for Meme, she made it to the steps safely. IMG_8232 copy

She decided no more swimming.    IMG_8233 copy

She would rather be wrapped up in a towel.  IMG_8236 copy

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