Spring Break part 3

Being in SA is always so much fun.  I miss it so much sometimes, and would love to move back, but I know that our lives are here and wouldn’t change that for the world. 

We spent Sunday with Taylor, Ruth, Luke and friends and family for Luke’s dedication.  The day turned out to be beautiful.  IMG_8373IMG_8393IMG_8428

Tuesday, we got to hang out with Kyle and Sheryl.  They made a special trip to mom and dad’s just to visit us.  We went to lunch, then went looking at model homes.  K&S are in the process of remodeling, so they were looking for ideas :)      IMG_1975

Tuesday evening, Taylor, Ruth & Luke came over for dinner.  Unfortunately, K&S had to leave before dinner, so they weren’t there. 

I can’t believe how fast Luke is growing!  He’s crawling all over and starting to walk.  Taylor and Ruth are definitely going to have their hands full with this little monster :)  IMG_8846  IMG_8840IMG_1981 

A trip to SA wouldn’t be complete without a few pictures of the dogs. 

***the old man – Gauge***IMG_8298 copy***Gunner (left) and Duncan (right) fighting over Poppy (center)*** IMG_8315 copy IMG_8317 copy     ***the princess, Dixie***IMG_8333

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