Weekend in Vegas

Last weekend, Jarrad and I met up with 5 other couples in Vegas for Taylor’s 30th birthday.  Ruth had planned a surprise weekend get-a-way for Taylor.  Taylor had no idea that Ruth was planning the weekend in Vegas for him.  Last Wednesday night, she told him that they were going to Vegas on Friday morning. 

Ruth only told Taylor that they were going to Vegas, not that 5 other couples would be meeting them at various stops along the way to join them for the weekend.  Beth, Jeff, Paul & Sarah met them at the airport on Friday morning.  Jarrad, me, Grace, Paduka and Ryan met him at the hotel once they had landed in Vegas.  He was so surprised.  We all stayed at Caesars Palace.  

IMG_7878We had an amazing weekend.  Since we got in first thing in the morning on Friday, some of the boys played golf that afternoon and the rest of us shopped or gambled :) 

Friday night was pretty low key since we were planning on going out Saturday night.  So, Jarrad and I decided to go to dinner just the two of us that evening. 

Saturday morning, Jarrad and I were up bright and early because we were still on Texas time.  We got up, had some breakfast, then got ready for the day…all before 8:00 Vegas time.  Since we were the only two awake from our group, we walked around a little on our own. 

We  walked thru Caesars Forums.  Since it was so early, the shops were open.  I was able to take tons of great pictures. 













After we walked thru the shops at the Forum, we headed over to the Bellagio.  It was absolutely amazing.   Jarrad and I walked out the front door of the hotel to walk to the fountains.  The Paris is directly across the strip from the Bellagio.  

IMG_7867Around 11:00, we called the group to see if they were moving around yet.  They were heading to breakfast.  So, we headed back over to Caesars to meet up with them. 

As a group, we decided to go walk down the strip.  We headed out and went back thru the Bellagio.   We got there just in time because we were able to catch the fountain show.  It was amazing to watch.  My pictures definitely don’t do it any justice. 

IMG_7920 IMG_7931 

Inside the lobby of the Bellagio, there are beautiful glass flowers hanging from the ceiling.  It’s absolutely breath taking.  The colors of the flowers are amazing.  IMG_7965 

That evening, we met for dinner at Neros in Caesars Palace to celebrate Taylor’s 30th birthday.  Dinner was delicious and we had a great time.  It was fun to sit down and visit with everyone.     

Top row (L to R):  Grace, Jeff, Beth, Paul, Theresa, Ryan
Bottom row (L to R):  Paduka, Taylor, Ruth, Allison, JarradGroup Dinner Vegas


After dinner, we headed over to the Shadow Bar to finish celebrating the night.  I don’t think I have ever laughed as much as I did that night. 

I’m so glad that we were able to make it to Vegas to help Taylor celebrate. 

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Tyne said...

Sounds like a great trip! I love the fountains at the Belagio- aren't they fantastic?

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