Spring Break part 1

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Megan and I packed up our car on Saturday morning for the drive to SA for Meg’s spring break.  She was so excited to be heading down to see her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin Luke :) 

As soon as we got to SA and unloaded the car, we went outside to visit.  It was a beautiful day and we didn’t want to be stuck inside.  Meg decided she wanted to go for a swim and did

Meg decided that even though it was too cold for swimming that it was still warm enough to run around in her new swim suit that Meme bought her. 

IMG_8276 copyAfter realizing  it was too cold for swimming, she decided she was hungry.  Meme volunteered to run in and make her a sandwich.  When Meme asked her what kind of sandwich she wanted, Meg said “a cheeto sandwich”.  Which, is exactly what she got.  She’s so weird.   


We stayed outside for a little while enjoying the sunshine and warm weather.  It was nice to just sit around the pool and visit with mom.  Speaking of my mother – isn’t she beautiful?  I’m so proud of her :)  You know what you’ve done mom.  Love you!   IMG_8273 copy

IMG_8324That evening, Landon, Carol & Dylan came over for dinner and a visit.  Landon and I have known each other our whole life.  Our parents are best friends and I am three weeks older than him.  The three weeks thing was cool when we were  younger, but not it’s not that cool.  I mean, I turned 16 first, 18 first, 21 first…that was cool, but turning 30 first NOT COOL! 

IMG_8325Dylan was born in November (the week of Thanksgiving) and is the sweetest, most laid back baby I’ve ever seen.  And, Landon & Carol are so calm when it comes to parenting!  You’d never know they’re first time parents.  They seem like old pros! 

Meg loved seeing Dylan.  She’s so gentle and loves, loves, loves babies.  Dylan was no exception.  Before they left, we let her hold him.  She was so proud. 

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