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The Wednesday after Mother’s day, Jarrad and I headed back to Las Vegas.  This time, we went for the Car Wash Convention, not to surprise anyone, but we still had an absolute blast!  

We flew out first thing on Wednesday morning with Luke, Patty, Nick and Michelle.  The flight was great and we were in Vegas before I knew it.  After we got to the hotel, we grabbed some breakfast/lunch, then headed over to the car wash show. 

We only stayed for a few hours, before we headed back to the hotel to regroup.  Jarrad and I ran up to the room to refresh a little, then headed downstairs to gamble.  I sat at a Black Jack machine and Jarrad went to the tables. 

I actually did very well at the machine.  By the time everyone was back down stairs and ready to go, I was up 250 bucks :) 

***Michelle & Nick***IMG_2075

***Jarrad & me***IMG_2079

We rode the monorail from the Hilton (where we were staying) to the Flamingo.  It was a pretty easy way to get around Vegas.  Although, you definitely have to know where the stations are, you won’t just walk up on them.  We went thru the Flamingo and over to Caesars. 

Wednesday night, we went to a party hosted by some of my in-laws dear friends that are also in the car washing business.  The party was at Hooters Hotel & Casino.  They rented out a small private bar that was pool side.  There was buffet style eating with all things Hooters. 

In the Hooters Hotel & Casino, there is a Bar called Dixie’s Dam Bar.  I had to take a picture of it because it reminded me of my sweet little Dixie at home :)  IMG_2091 Thursday morning, everyone went back over to the car wash show in the morning.  I had to stay behind to work a little.  I caught up with them around lunch time.  We spent about 45 more minutes at the show, then headed to do more sight seeing. 


We went to the Bellagio to see the fountain show, walked down to Treasure Island to catch the show there (we were early, so we found out what time it was scheduled for), then Luke wanted to head to downtown.  IMG_2090

***Reflection of the Bellagio***IMG_2094 

***Patty & Luke***IMG_2095

We loaded up in the cab and headed downtown.  This was my first time downtown and I have to say I really like it.  I think when (yes, WHEN – I’m addicted to Vegas) we go back, we’ll stay there :) 

Friday morning, we all got up and met downstairs to head back to the airport to go home.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), our flight was cancelled, so we were able to have one more night in Vegas.  It was awesome. 

We booked some rooms downtown at the Golden Nugget.  We all went upstairs to freshen up and get ready for a night out.  At first, everyone was a little disappointed that our flight was cancelled, but by the end of the night, we were all VERY happy we were able to stay an extra night. 

***The Ramsey Boys – Luke, Nick, Jarrad***IMG_2110


We had a GREAT time.  I can’t thank Luke enough for inviting the wives to come along. 

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