Happy {FIRST} Birthday, Luke!

I can’t believe we already celebrated by my sweet, adorable nephew’s FIRST birthday!  Where has the year gone?   Luke is the cutest little boy in the world (in my world at least).  Ruth went to great lengths to make Luke’s birthday party a huge success. 

***Dessert and party favor table***Lukes First Bday_001 copy

While we were singing Happy Birthday to Luke, he was smiling and looking around at everyone.  After the birthday song was over, he sang a little to us.  It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. 

***Luke’s cupcake***Lukes First Bday_040 copy

***He loved it***Lukes First Bday_048 copy 

***Yellow was a good color choice***Lukes First Bday_055 copy

***Taylor, Luke & Ruth***
I love the look that Luke is giving Taylor

Lukes First Bday_063 copy

***so happy***Lukes First Bday_113 copy

***Milk to wash down the cupcake***Lukes First Bday_115 copy

***opening gifts***Lukes First Bday_142 copy 

Ruth got the older kiddos a piñata – it was a huge HIT.  Each kid got a turn and had a blast hitting the donkey.  We went in order of age, which meant Meg was the last kiddo to take a turn.  Meg beat the snot out of it, eventually knocking it’s body off.


***Rush went first***Lukes First Bday_167 copy

***Then Presley***Lukes First Bday_173 copy

***Followed by Paisley***Lukes First Bday_177 copy

***The slugger, aka Megan***Lukes First Bday_195 copy

***body off***Lukes First Bday_203 copy

***candy on the lawn***Lukes First Bday_206 copy

The party was a huge success.  Luke got lots and lots of new toys.  We gave him a sand box – Ruth and Taylor were thrilled :)  Kyle & Sheryl got Luke the sand to go in the sand box and some toys. 

Happy birthday Luke.  We love you!!! 

I have more pictures and will post them in the near future. 


Mrs. Claus said...

Sweet birthday party pictures. . . following back from Tuesday Tag-Along. . . so glad you ordered the book.

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Poppin' in from Tuesday Tag to be your newest follower. Swing by my blog when you get a chance. Have a great afternoon.

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Jenilee said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog. And you are a good photo taker. Now I've seen some people who can't get a photo in focus for the life of them. LOL. But I'm a new follower now =)

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