Meg’s Field Day

Meg’s original Field Day was supposed to be while we were in Vegas.  However, the storms that caused our flights to be cancelled, also caused Meg’s Field Day to be postponed.  While this may have upset Meg a little, it definitely made Mommy very happy!  After all, I didn’t want to miss out on her first field day. 

Field day began at 8:00am and ended around 11:30.  It was full of “field day” activities.  I was so happy that I was able to make it.  The kids had a blast participating in all the challenges and her class won two events and came in second in another.  I am so proud of all of them!

***Megan & Maddie***IMG_1275


***Egg Race – Meg didn’t do so well, but she tried her hardest*** IMG_1304 IMG_1312 IMG_1313


***Meg & Marianela***


***The tire Race – they won***
IMG_1374  IMG_1410


***Meg and Abby – her partner for the magic carpet, which they won***IMG_1423IMG_1430

It was a glorious day.  Fun was definitely had by everyone. 

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