Big news in the Ramsey household

We’ve been trying to convince Megan that she is able to ride her big girl bike for what seems like months.  Sunday, something finally clicked! 

She had a friend over and I asked her “do you want to try to ride your bike to show Hailey how close you are?”  I was shocked that she wanted to try.  Not only did she want to try, but she didn’t want my help at all.

So, she pushed her bike to the end of the drive way and took off…no hesitation, just took off riding like she’d been doing it for years.  I was so proud of her. 

***One last look back***IMG_1224 

***off she goes***IMG_1225

***and going***IMG_1231

***and going***IMG_1233

***Proud Megan***IMG_1248

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