If I step in it again..

...I'll scream...Urgent Care Mansfield, that is!!!

Today, Meg and I made another visit to the Urgent Care doctor office. This is our fourth trip in 6 weeks. Let me break it down for you.

  • First visit - Jan 26. Meg is diagnosed with strep
  • Second visit - Feb 17. Meg is diagnosed with the flu
  • Third visit - Feb 23. Mommy is diagnosed with the flu AND strep AND an ear infection
  • Fourth visit - March 2 (today). Story below.

Today was a trip to look at Meg's hand. A few weekends back (Valentine's night to be exact), Meg spent the night with her grandparents. She loves spending the night with them. We met up with them on Sunday for a dinner, and to pick up Meg. Immediately, I noticed what appeared to be a tiny cluster of ant bites on her left hand. When I asked her about it, she said they were ant bites.

As the "ant bites" started to clear up, it turned into this. Well, keep in mind that she got the flu, then I got sick, so this fell off my plate of things to worry about. After looking at it again on Friday, I decided it was time to go to the doctor.

As it turns out, Meg has ringworm. Yes, ringworm. It is usually contracted from an animal. So, we don't know where it came from or who gave it to her, but she has it. The doctor gave Meg a prescription for a cream that I have to put on twice a day until it clears up (could be 3 days, could be 3 weeks, could be 3 months). And, she also told me that I have to bathe the dogs with an anti-fungal shampoo.

Fingers crossed that this is the end of the doctor visits! I don't want to step in the Urgent Care Mansfield again!

***Meg's ringworm***

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Angelique said...

I'm so so sorry she had to deal with that :( We had the worst experience with ringworm a few summers ago. Tommy got it on his rear from being in his bathing suit so much and for so long (our neighbors have a pool so it was literally all day long sometimes). But the worst was that Avery contracted it from him, and then hers turned into a staph infection from the location hers was in (clothing rubbing it). Then if that wasn't bad enough it turned into a permenant condition that she had for TWO years which consisted of wart like bumps on her body that spread all over her body. They are finally gone but it was terrible :(

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