She asked, so I said

..."YES, you can definitely help me with the laundry!!!"

I was folding laundry a few nights ago, when Meg innocently asked "Mommy, can I help you with the laundry?" I was so excited that someone was offering to help me do the laundry that I almost started jumping up and down! I put her in charge of separating socks and undies. She did such a great job and wants that to be one of her chores from now on.

Now, her chore list includes changing the paper towels, pushing the laundry thru the house, folding socks and changing the trash sacks. She also helps with unloading the dishes from time to time and she still loves to wipe things off.

1 comment:

Angelique said...

Girls are the BEST. It's so innate in them to be helpers. I know some boys can be but I haven't had one yet. lol

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