A Busy Saturday

Meg had a very busy Saturday.  She had a birthday party for Aaron and then spent the night with Lauren (both kids from swimming lessons). 
Aaron’s party was at Alley Cats.  The kids had so much fun bowling, eating pizza and cake and then playing a few games. 
***Meg & Lauren*** 
***The bowling queen***
***The kiddos***

After Aaron’s party, Megan went home with Lauren and Laura for a sleep over.  She was invited on Monday at swimming lessons, so it was all I heard about all week.  Meg and Lauren are adorable together.  They’re about 6 weeks apart in age and both are total hams.  I love these girls to death! 
Thankfully, Laura takes as many pictures as I do, so I have plenty of pictures from the sleep over. 
***Lauren & Meg – hiding out in Laura’s closet***2010_06_19_2034
***Playing with the goo***
***putting together a puzzle***
***Sweet girls***
I picked Megan up on Sunday morning pretty early since it was Father’s Day.  Of course, when I got to Laura’s, Megan was still sleeping.  We woke her up, had some breakfast, then headed home to spend the day with daddy. 

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