Swimming at Emler

Meg is taking swimming lessons again this summer at Emler.  No, she doesn’t still need swimming lessons, but she’s been swimming with the same group of kids for three years and we just can’t bear to break them apart.  Plus, the mommies really enjoy the lessons more than the kids do!  
We always try the impossible, which is to get a picture of the foursome together, but are never successful.  I don’t know how parents of multiples do it.  Most of the time, the girls are cooperative, so we always end up with cute pictures of the girls.  But, Ben and Aaron aren’t always as excited when the cameras come out. 

***Lauren & Meg***IMG_2076 IMG_2078
***Meg and her instructor, Kayla***IMG_2098

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Laura said...

I LOVE it when they hug and get along and are just their sweet selves :)

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