The Torpedo

Meg and I met some friends at Hawaiian Falls last Wednesday for the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  Meg rode a few rides, but kept asking to ride the Torpedo.

The Torpedo has a height requirement is 48 inches, and I wasn’t sure if she was tall enough.  So, she headed up the long stair case, waited in line and asked the kid working the top to measure her.  He told her that she was “the perfect height”. 

I opted to stay at the bottom so I could get a few pictures. 


***Meg is in the capsule***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         ***there she is***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***And, as fast I was able to snap a picture, she was already at the bottom***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

She absolutely loved it.  This girl of mine is a dare devil – I love  it! 

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