Good Times with Daddy

I have been looking thru my pictures from the year and came across this series. 

One day in April, Jarrad decided to show Megan what “good” cartoons were.  He grabbed his computer, plopped down on the floor in the living room and opened You Tube.  He found great cartoon clips from the “classic” cartoons.  After I saw how much she loved them, I grabbed my camera and captured this special moment between Meg and Daddy.

You tube_007

He showed her Speedy Gonzalez, Tom & Jerry, Sylvester, Little Hiawatha, Elmer Fudd and others.  Meg LOVED them.  She laughed and laughed and laughed. 

You tube_012

The first night they watched videos on You Tube for over an hour.  The next day when Megan got home from school, she grabbed Jarrad’s laptop and asked me to get her some funny cartoons. 

You tube_022

And so, night after night, we watched cartoons on You Tube.  She showed her friends when they came over.  She loved them and wanted to share with anyone and everyone.  It was adorable.

You tube_023

While she doesn’t watch them as much as she used to, she still sometimes asked Jarrad to watch cartoons on the laptop.    

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Anonymous said...

Good for Jarrad...those are the GOOD Cartoons!! I love these pics!! Some of my favs!

Happy week to y'all!

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