Happy Father’s Day

After I picked Meg up from her sleep over, we came home to spend the day with dad.  Meg was so happy when we got home.  After we spent a little time with him, she asked me if she could make him a card.  So, we went into the kitchen for a little arts and crafts time. 

Meg was so excited about the card she made him.  She held it behind her back as she took it into him.  I love how she was watching him read it.  IMG_2371

***Meg & Daddy being goofy***IMG_2375

Around lunch time, we headed over to Boompaw & Nawnaw’s house to spend the rest of the day swimming and hanging out.  Meg was so excited when we got there.  We immediately put our swim suits on and headed out to the pool. 

The day was absolutely beautiful, so we spent most of the afternoon outside.  We went in for an afternoon snack, but quickly made our way back out there. 

***Meg and Boompaw***IMG_2382

***Meg jumping off the diving board***IMG_2392

Meg spent most of the afternoon swimming.  She was diving for rings, swimming from one end of the pool to the other and diving for the dive rings.  I’m so excited about her confidence in swimming this summer.  

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