June in SA

Meg and I headed to San Antonio for a quick visit with the family.  We drove down on Wednesday night and came home Sunday. 

Thursday, we went to see mom’s new office and meet a few of her co-workers.  Then, we IMG_2138met Taylor for lunch at Longhorn for the best burgers in the world!  Poppy, Megan and I then headed to the grocery store and home for the afternoon.  That night, Ruth and the boys came over for dinner.  Luke is getting so big, it’s hard to believe how fast time is going by! 

Megan brought her old tricycle and scooter down to my parents to give to Luke.  He loved, loved, loved them.  Of course, he’s not big enough to reach the pedals yet, so Taylor and Poppy took turns pushing him around on them.  


Friday, Poppy, Megan and I offered to keep Luke for the day.  I forgot how much energy is required to chase a 13 month old around.  Luke is into everything.  He’s a climber (which I have NO experience with) and always moving.  He doesn’t like being told no.  He has this super cute little temper when he gets mad. 

After lunch on Friday, Poppy, Meg and Luke got in the pool.  Meg has become such a strong swimmer.  I love watching her dive for dive sticks and jump off the hot tub into the pool.  She would spend all of her waking hours in the pool if we’d let her.  

IMG_2151 IMG_2162

Friday night, Taylor and Ruth came over for dinner and to hang out.  It’s was a perfect night.  We swam a little, then picked up Beefys. 

Saturday, Sheryl came into town (I didn’t get one picture of Sheryl – boo).  Meg, Sheryl and I did a little shopping at Target that morning, then came back and laid pool side all day.  We went out around 12:30 and didn’t come in until about 6:00.  Meg stay in the pool most of the time – except when she was eating. 



Aunt Sheryl caught a dragon fly and Meg was so excited about her new found friend.  He survived until she decided to take him swimming. 


Taylor, Ruth and Luke came over in the afternoon and enjoyed some sun too.  Luke went down for a nap as soon as they got there, but was so excited to come swimming after he woke up.   Meg loves Luke so much. I love watching how their relationship grows each time they see each other.  We are spending five days at the coast in July and I can’t want to see their bond grow even stronger. 


***Poppy and his favorite granddaughter and grandson***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Saturday night, the Middletons came over for dinner.  The adults sat around the pool while the kiddos swam for a few hours.  I didn’t even get my camera out :( 

We hated to say good-bye Sunday morning, but both Meg and I were starting to get a little home sick. 

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