Fright Fest

Friday night was absolutely perfect for spending a few hours at Six Flags, so Meg and I invited Laura and Lauren to meet us up there for the evening.  Meg and I got to the park around 6:15, right after it opened.  We were able to squeeze in a few rides before the girls arrived. 

Meg loves everything about Six Flags.  We rode the Big Spin, the Conquistador (twice) and the La Vibora.  We really wanted to head over to the Titan, but didn’t have time before they arrived. 

We met them in Looney Tunes USA and headed over to the Judge Roy Scream from there.  Meg and Lauren rode together in one car and Laura and I rode in another.  I loved listening to the girls scream and watch them hold their hands up.  Meg is a complete daredevil (she LOVES the Titan).  Lauren is coming around – she just started riding the Judge Roy Scream.  Next time we go, we’ll have to get her on the Shock Wave.  I think she’d love it. 

The girls had a great time and were sad when we told them it was time to head home.  We had plans on Saturday to go to the Arlington Skatium, the pumpkin patch, Michaels for pumpkin decorating and to Aaron’s football game.  We knew if we didn’t get them home for a good night’s rest that our Saturday would be horrible. 


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