Snow White with Nawnaw

Nawnaw took Megan and I to see Snow White on Sunday afternoon at Casa Manana in Ft. Worth.  The performance started at 2:00, so we had a quick lunch at Baker Brothers before the show. 

Before the show started, Meg spotted Hailey in the crowd.  Hailey was there with her grandma.  The show was amazing, a little loud at times, but still absolutely amazing.  After the show, we stood in line to get our program signed by Snow White, Prince Sebastian and the wicked Step-Mother.   


***Meg and Nawnaw***

***Hailey & Megan***

***Doc signing Meg & Hailey’s program***

***Meg after Doc signed her program***

***Snow White***

We can’t wait for Rudolph in December. 

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