Happy Halloween

Meg was super excited about Halloween this year.  Actually, Meg is always super excited about Halloween, so I wasn’t surprised that she was excited this year. 

As I mentioned, Meg wanted to be Neytiri from Avatar this year for Halloween.  After searching high and low, we were able find her the costume. 

Tonight, as we got Meg ready to be transformed into Neytiri, I asked Jarrad to snap a few pictures. 


***Meg before we are getting ready to start, I had already braided her hair***

***Meg & Mommy before the transformation***IMG_5589

***She looks like she could be on the set of Braveheart***IMG_5595

***First coat of paint on her face***

***Getting ready to put on her stripes***

***Stripes finished, applying the dots***

***The beautiful Neytiri***

***Dixie wanted to go trick or treating with us***

This year, we went trick or treating with our neighbors from across the street.  Meg and Rebekah are both in first grade and have become fast friends.  Emma, the 50’s girl, is in the 4th grade; Meg absolutely adores her. 

***Meg, Rebekah (a go-go girl), Emma (50’s girl)***IMG_5621 IMG_5622 

We joined up in the neighborhood with some of Rebekah’s and Emma’s cousins.  They have tons of family that lives in the neighborhood.  Meg and I were very grateful that they let us tag along with them for some trick or treating. 


***Emma, Rebekah, Victoria, Hailey, Meg***IMG_5629

We had a great night running through the neighborhood.  Meg got lots of good candy and was so excited to get home to show her daddy! 

***Meg trick or treating with Daddy***

Halloween wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t make Megan pose for a few pictures on the fireplace.  She wasn’t super happy when I ask her to, but I was still able to snap a few pictures. 

***My beautiful Avatar***

***Megan “hissing” at me***


***I love these pictures***
IMG_5670 IMG_5672

I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween!  I know we did. 

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