A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday, I went with Megan and her classmates for a walk down to the church for a visit to the pumpkin patch.  As I was heading up to the school for Meg’s field trip, the skies were getting dark and the clouds were rolling in.  I was worried that the rain wasn’t going to hold off, but luckily for us, it did. 

Meg has a new girl in her class and has taken quite a liking to her.  They held hands the whole way on our walk to the pumpkin patch.  It was sweet to watch. 


After we walked from the school to the pumpkin patch, an adorable scarecrow read a book to the kids.  It’s amazing to watch 60 1st graders pay such close attention to a story that is being read.  They were definitely a great audience. 

IMG_5223 IMG_5227

After story time, all the kids got a stamp on their faces and were able to pick out a small pumpkin. 

IMG_5234 IMG_5240

We were able to group Meg’s entire class together for a group shot.  We did silly faces and a picture with their teacher.  They were all very excited to be out of the classroom, even if it was just for an hour. 

IMG_5267 IMG_5261

After a few group pictures, it was time to head back to school and finish up the rest of the school day. 

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