Pumpkin Patch

After skating lessons on Saturday, Meg and I went with Laura and Lauren to a pumpkin patch for a quick photo shoot.  Meg wasn’t exactly in the mood for a photo shoot, so I had to bribe her a few times. 

***Meg and Lauren in the back of my car***

We went to the same pumpkin patch that we visited last year in Arlington.  It’s not actually a pumpkin patch, it’s a church’s front yard that sell pumpkins.  But, they have great photo ops and it’s close and free, so we love it. 

***beautiful girls***


Meg had fun running around and making me force her to take some pictures.  The pictures of Meg aren’t that great, so we’ll definitely be going to another pumpkin patch for some more pictures.  Meg was just in one of “those” moods and I didn’t want to ruin our day.

***One of the few pictures I like***IMG_4797

It didn’t help that Meg was chewing gum and blowing bubbles for every photo.  I had to constantly remind her to keep her gum in her mouth and to stop blowing bubbles!  It was driving me crazy!!!  Why I helped her learn how to blow bubbles is beyond my comprehension.  My gum bill has more than tripled since this new hobby started!


***Meg getting ready to blow another bubble***


***Blowing a bubble with her gum***

Meg was also in the mood to make the funny smile.  It reminded me of her portraits that she takes for school pictures. 


I was able to talk her into taking some pictures with me.  I’m glad we had Laura with us – she snapped a few with my camera!  Thanks Laura :) 


Meg loved this girl scare crow.  It was one of the few times that she was a willing participate in my photography.  She was being a total goof ball. 


This picture cost me one dollar.  By the time I snapped this picture, Meg was done with my picture taking.  Unfortunately, the dollar wasn’t well spent, because this is the best picture I was able to get of the little princess.  In all the other pictures, she is not smiling.  I should have made a condition on my dollar…I know next time to tell her that I’ll give her a dollar if she gives me a good shot. 


At least she was happy on the way to the car.  We bought four little pumpkins and she was very happy about that.  I’m not sure what she was more happy about…the fact that she had four new pumpkins or that we were leaving.  I’ll let you decide. 


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