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Saturday night, we stayed in to watch the Ranger’s game.  If you know Megan, you know she can’t still for very long – this girl has two speeds, on and off.  So, I grabbed a deck of cards out of the man cave to keep her entertained.  Meg and I played war twice.  She beat me.  Twice.  I’m not a good loser, so I asked Jarrad to beat her for me :) 

Meg had so much fun playing with Jarrad.  They played two times, each won one game.  Meg loves playing war…we taught her over family vacation this summer and has gotten real good at it. 

I remember playing card games as a kid and loving it.  I remember dad teaching me all sorts of solitaire games growing up.  Now, I know that Meg will likely never play a solitaire game with a deck of cards, but I hope that she will still pick up a deck of cards for poker or war or thirty-one every once in a while. 


***Meg getting ready to throw down a card***

***Meg wins***

***War time***

***Jarrad has a queen…***

***…Meg has an ACE!  Meg wins***

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Valdir Jorge said...

If you like playing cards, then try a Sticheln deck: instead of four suits of thirteen cards you get six suits of nineteen cards, which gives you a lot more game.

More details at Board Game Geek: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/354/sticheln. Believe me, you won't want to go back to the old deck of cards...

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