San Antonio

Megan and I headed down to San Antonio last Friday for a week long visit with Meme and Poppy.  Meg and I loaded up the car Friday and hit the road right after lunch.  I let Meg skip school so she could help me with the packing. 

The drive down to SA was very uneventful.  Meg colored in the back and took a nap.  Dixie rode shotgun and slept the entire trip.  Gunner was nervous and couldn’t get comfortable.  I was so happy when we finally pulled into the driveway at Meme’s house.

Poppy and Taylor were actually out of town hunting for the weekend, so Luke and Ruth came over to hang out with us on Friday night.  Luke is so ADORABLE!  I love this little guy more than anything.  He’s always looking for the next thing that will get him into trouble.  He’s a little Dennis the Menace. 

Meg and Luke love playing with each other.  It’s super cute to watch Meg play with Luke.  She is so sweet with him.  And, he is sweet to her when it serves in his best interest…just like an 18-month old. 



***Luke and Megan sharing Cheetos***IMG_6193

Meg took Rachael and Reagan to San Antonio with us.  She also took her the babies beds with us.  Luke was very sweet with Meg’s babies and wanted to climb into the crib with Rachael.  Of course, I didn’t want to pass up the photo opportunity, so we let him get in there.  He looked very comfy. 



Megan didn’t want to be left out, so she climbed in with Luke.  I have to say that the American Girl crib is very durable – it held Meg and Luke with no problems. 



Ruth and Luke left the house around 9 or so.  Meg, Meme and I needed a good nights rest because we had lots to do on Saturday. 

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