Merry Thanks-mas!

While we were in San Antonio for the Thanksgiving week, we celebrated Christmas with my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law and nephew.  The year that Jarrad and I got married, we started spending every other Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family – alternating the years from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  It has worked out perfectly! 

Thursday morning, we opened gifts after Kyle got to the house from working around 11:30am.  We usually take turns opening gifts, but this year was more of a free for all.  I don’t think I even saw Meg open all her gifts. 

Everyone was completely spoiled (again) and had a great Christmas. 

***Luke snuggling up to Jarrad***

***Meg got a Looney Tunes collection from Meme and Poppy***

***Megan playing with her v-Tech reader from Meme and Poppy***

***Meg got her very own bow & arrow from Kyle and Sheryl this year***IMG_6465IMG_6472

We had an amazing week!  I was sad when it was time to pack the car up and head back to Mansfield.  But, I start a new job on Monday and Meg starts a new before and after school program.  We needed to get home so we could get settled back in for the changes we are about to face. 

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