Saturday & Happy Birthday Kyle

Megan, Meme and I had tons planned for Saturday.  Megan and I were extra tired on Saturday because Meg was up at 3:00 screaming because her head hurt so bad.  Unfortunately, Meme didn’t have any Motrin in the house, so I loaded Meg up into the car around 3:30 and headed into town to pick some up.  As we were pulling back into the driveway, Meg told me that he stomach was hurting.  Before I could get the car into the garage, Meg threw up all over the front seat of meme’s car.  It was almost 5 by the time I got Meg back to sleep, some laundry started, the car cleaned and back to sleep myself.  Not sure what the cause of it was, but Meg felt great on Saturday (other than a little bit of a headache still lingering).   

We left the house around 9:40 to get our day started.  First stop was the hair salon for Meme.  While Meme was getting her hair cut, Meg and I headed to TC for some delicious breakfast tacos.  Next stop was Dillards.  I needed to buy some work clothes for my new job (more on that later).  After Dillards, we headed to DSW.  Then it was on the the jewelry store, Target, Sam’s and then finally to Hobby Lobby.  By the time we got home it was 6:40.  Luke and Ruth came over Saturday night, so we got to hang out with them some more. 


While we were at Hobby Lobby, I picked up some craft supplies to make some ornaments.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the finished product.  I will say though, it was super fun to make and turned out very cute. 


Sunday, Meme, Meg and I got up early to head to HEB.  We thought by going early we would beat the rush – we were wrong!  The store was super busy.

Sunday evening, Kyle and Sheryl and Taylor, Ruth & Luke came over to celebrate Kyle’s birthday.  We had spaghetti for dinner and the sang Happy Birthday to Kyle and let him blow out a candle.  The only candle I could find around the house was a rose candle – I think it worked. 


Happy Birthday Kyle!!! 

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