This past weekend, we went camping at Loyd Park right down the street.  Even though we were minutes from the house, it felt like we were a millions miles away.  We headed over to our camping spot on Friday after Megan got out of school.  Meg was super excited about the camping weekend.  IMG_5967

Friday night, Boompaw & Nawnaw came down to have burgers with us and hang out around the camp fire.  It was a little cold, but thankfully Jarrad loves to make camp fires, so we stayed warm.  After burgers, we made s’mores.  I’m not sure if Meg had ever made them before, but she loved it.  She didn’t really like the actual s’mores, just cooking the marshmallows. 

  IMG_6041 IMG_6045IMG_6043

We stay thru Sunday, I will post about our Saturday adventures soon. 

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Angelique said...

Avery doesn't like smores, or marshmallows but she loves to roast the marshmallow and make the smore. lol Fine by mom because I'll eat them! Looks like y'all had a great time :)

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