Camping continued

Saturday morning, Jarrad had to go into work for a few hours, so Meg and I decided to go exploring.  She grabbed a walking stick and we headed out on some walking trails in the park. 

After breakfast, we both got dressed, put on our boots and hit the trails.  Meg had picked out a perfect walking stick the night before and grabbed it before we left.  Of course, we got about 20 feet down the road and she decided to turn back and leave her stick behind.  I don’t think she wanted to carry it around. 


We got back to Joey about 2 hours later, just in time for some lunch.  Meg asked me to fix Reagan’s hair.  After I was finished with Reagan’s hair, Meg liked it so much that she asked me to do hers the same way.  I’m pretty sure that the 15 minutes that it took me to fix Meg’s hair was the only time that she sat still the entire weekend. 

IMG_6093 IMG_6095

After doing Meg’s hair and cleaning up our lunch mess, Meg and I headed down to the bridge so she could run around.   While we were down there, Jarrad and Dixie drove by and we went back up to the camp site.  Dixie was so excited that she barely let Jarrad get out of the truck before running to us. 


The weather on Saturday was absolutely beautiful.  After Jarrad had some lunch, we put Dixie on her leash and headed out to go walking again.  We walked through some of the “neighborhoods” in the park. 

Once we got back to the camp site, we decided to start a campfire and play some ladder ball.  Meg slowed down enough for me to snap a quick picture of her and her daddy, then it was off to explore a little more. 


Meg took a quick break to have a cookie and spend some time with her girls.  Rachael (baby) and Reagan went camping with us.  I love watching Meg interact with her baby dolls.  She’s so sweet, but doesn’t take any of their attitudes.  I actually heard her say “don’t roll your eyes at me little girl” to Reagan.  It took all my strength not to laugh. 

IMG_6122  IMG_6132

We had a great weekend camping and can’t wait to do it again! 

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