Busy first week

Our first week of 2011 was extra busy.  We all had to readjust to school starting back up and sticking to our schedules.  Jarrad and I had a rehearsal dinner for Chappy & Candance on Thursday in Rockwall.  We had to leave the house around 5 and we’re going to be home pretty late, so I asked Boompaw and Nawnaw to come down to spend the evening with Megan.  Thankfully, they were available and babysat for us.


IMG_7056 copy

Saturday afternoon was the wedding.  Jarrad, Meg and I headed out together.  Meg looked so beautiful and like a big girl!  I can’t believe how big she is getting.  Time is definitely speeding up if you ask me! 

***Meg & Brylie before the ceremony***
IMG_7059 copy

***Candance and Chappy***
IMG_7078 copy

The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  We couldn’t be happier for Chappy and Candance.  We look forward to the future with both of them. 

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