{Meme & Poppy}

Meme and Poppy came up for a visit last week.  We were so happy to have them.  They came in Tuesday night and stayed thru Saturday.  Since they were going to be here over New Year’s Eve, they brought the dogs with them.  We had four large dogs running the house for five days. 

Meme & Poppy had planned to come in on Wednesday originally, we were so happy when they decided to come in early.  Thankfully, mom’s boss allowed her to work remotely so they were able to come up early.  We decided not to tell Meg that they were coming in early and let them surprise her when Jarrad took them with him to pick her up from day care.  She was so happy. 

Tuesday night, we went to dinner at Mexican Inn.  Everyone knows that dad has certain places that he has to eat at while visiting.  We very rarely eat meals at home because of this. 

Mom was introduced to Meg’s new babies and thought they were adorable.  I was even able to snap a picture of the four of them. 

***Megan, Meme, Travis & Sarah***

Wednesday, I had to work, so Meme, Poppy & Meg went to the movies and ran a few errands.  That night, we went to dinner at Outback in Burleson.  Meg must have been hungry from a busy day with her grandparents because she ate most of the seared tuna and all of her mac and cheese.  We were all pretty shocked. 

***Meme, Megan & Poppy***

Thursday, mom, dad and Megan came to my office to have lunch with me.  I invited them up so they could see my office.  Then, we went to lunch at the mall.   

Thursday night, I wanted to take Meme and Poppy to Grand Prairie Lights, but the boys didn’t want to go.  So, we went to dinner at Mama’s Pizza then went to Michael’s, Kirklands and Best Buy. 

Friday I had the day off, so I was able to spend the entire day with the family (except for Jarrad – he had to work).  We went to breakfast at Whataburger, then did some shopping.  I had to take a break around lunch time so I could run a report for work.  We decided to stop at Corner Bakery (another one of Dad’s faves).  After lunch and a little bit of work, we went to the mall to buy mom’s birthday present. 

For New Year’s Eve, we stayed at the house, cooked fajitas and watched football.  Mom and I were the only two who made it to midnight, everyone else wimped out on us.  Mom and I played Sequence and visited.  I can’t think of any other way I would have rather rang in the new year!  It was perfect!!! 


***Poppy, aka the Dog Whisperer***IMG_6991


Happy new year!!! 

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