Every night

Every night, I had to give Dixie her medicine.  I’ve been administering her meds for about 7.5 years now.  When Dixie was diagnosed with Addison’s, I knew that I had to figure a way to give her medication.  There was no way I was going to shove pills down her throat every night.  So, my idea was cheese.  It works and I don’t have to shove my hands into her mouth and pills down her throat.

So, every night we do the same thing.  I let the dogs out, get Dixie’s medicine laid out on the counter, let the dogs back in and they sit pretty while waiting for their cheese.  I always stand in the same place and they always sit in the same place.  Dixie sits on my right, in front of the stove.  Gunner to my left in front of the fridge.  I always give Dixie hers first and Gunner goes last. 

There are occasional nights where I forget to give Dixie her medicine.  She NEVER lets me forget though.  If I don’t give her her medicine, she will get in our bed and stare me down until I figure it out. 

***Gunner’s cheese on the left, Dixie’s cheese and meds on the right***
IMG_7106 copy

***Dixie on my right, sitting pretty***
IMG_7115 copy

***Gunner on my left, waiting patiently***
IMG_7111 copy

Unfortunately, as you can tell the dogs have no care in the world for me.  They are both starting at the counter top where I have the cheese laid out. 

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