Quads reunited!

Saturday, Meg and I had a play date with Laura and Lauren.  We met at the roller skating rink, then went to lunch and were going to head back to our house to complete our afternoon. 

Since we were driving by Sandra and Aaron’s house, I decided to give them a call to see if they wanted to come to the house too.  Turns out, they were having a play date with Cindy and Ben.  So, I just invited myself over to Sandra’s house to get the Quads together for the day! 

The unscheduled play dates seem to work the best for us.  If we try to plan a play date in advance, it never works out…however if we talk about it the day before, it always comes together. 

We were so happy to all be back together.  Honestly, I’m not sure who was more happy…the Moms or the Kids.  It was an awesome night full of great friends, great stories and tons of laughter!  (and teeth pulling)

***from L to R:  Meg, Ben, Aaron, Lauren***
IMG_7124 copy
IMG_7127 copyIMG_7128 copy

Thank you Sandra and Cindy for letting us crash your play date!  I know that Meg and I had a GREAT time!  We miss you all too much!!!!!!! 

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