Another one out!

Meg has finally lost another tooth!  So far, we haven’t had to pull any of her teeth…it’s working out better for me than I had hoped.  I HATE teeth, they gross me out more than almost anything. 

If you remember back to last May, Meg pulled her first loose tooth in the bus line.  Her second bottom tooth was handled by Boompaw and his trusty pair of pliers. 

Over the past few weeks, her top left (if you’re looking at her) front tooth has gotten wigglier and wigglier and wigglier.  It was so loose that he was sticking out of her mouth, see the evidence below. 

IMG_7094 copyIMG_7097 copy

Jarrad and I tried our best to get it out, but it just wasn’t ready.  He tried about four times to pull this one, but wasn’t successful. 

IMG_7100 copyIMG_7101 copy

On Saturday night, Meg and I were at some friends house playing.  Her tooth was sticking out pretty bad and seemed to be getting looser by the minute.  Enter Mike – my teething pulling hero.  He wrapped some dental floss around and tried to pull it that way, but to no avail. 


Turns out the old fashion way was the best way.  He grabbed a tissue, dried her tooth off and pulled.  It came right out without any problems.  I was even able to get some pictures of the event. 


She was so happy to finally have that tooth out!  It was a great play date (stay tuned for a post about our play date). 


Saturday night, we had a visit from the tooth fairy. 

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