New Year’s Day - 2011

Meme and Poppy left out on New Year’s Day.  We were sad to see them go, but were thankful about the time we were able to spend with them.  We all went to breakfast together before they headed out.  After they left, Jarrad, Meg and I headed to Fort Worth to attend the gun show.  It definitely wasn’t top of my list of things to do on the first day of 2011, but we wanted to spend the day with Jarrad. 

Meg was pretty nervous while we were there because it was so crowded.  She was holding onto my hand tighter than she ever has before.  After a while, she asked if her and I could go sit outside where is wasn’t so busy.  So, we grabbed her a drink and some Cheetos and found a spot on the floor to sit away from the crowd.   

It did allow me time to shoot a few pictures of Megan.  I love how big and brown her eyes are in this picture.  This is the face of an angel. 

IMG_7019 copy

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