It’s finally over

We’ve finally taken the last dose of medicine for Meg’s ear infection.  Every dose was a challenge to get down.  20 doses in 10 days was not fun. 

I just don’t understand why someone can’t make medicine taste good.  I mean someone invented baby shampoo that won’t sting, why not medicine that tastes like cupcakes? 

Hmmmm….maybe I’m on to something.  (If only I didn’t hate science). 

These pictures pretty much show you the struggle every time.  I would measure it out, she would tell me she needed water.  I would get her water, she would ask me to count to a random number (13, 29, 40, etc.).  I would count to the random number, she would have to go to the bathroom.  Finally, I would lose all patience and give her my “you have two choices speech.” 

Which goes like this:

Mommy:  Meg, you have two choices.  They may not be choices you like, but you do have a choice.  You can take your medicine like a big girl, or I can hold you down and pour it down your throat.

Meg:  I’ll take it like a big girl.

I love my “two choices” way of forcing Megan to make a decision.  It works every time.  I’ve even heard her telling her imaginary puppy the “two choices” speech. 




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