Making Valentines & school V-day party

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Megan picked out Puppy & Kitten Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates this year.  She was so excited about them because they had tattoos that came with them. 

IMG_7111 copyShe told me that all of her classmates would love them because they were for boys & girls.  Meg makes me so happy when she thinks about the “group” as a whole.  Meg has a heart of gold and always thinks about other people. 

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She has grown up so much this year.  Once a child who could be selfish and bratty, she is now a very selfless child. 


IMG_7114 copy Meg and I sat down one afternoon after school so she could start working on her Valentine’s Day cards.  As she was signing all of them, she decided to also add a heart.  So sweet



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Because of the snow day, Meg’s school party was postponed to Tuesday after Valentine’s Day.  Megan was so worried that there wasn’t going to be a party.  After I told her it would just be rescheduled, she seemed ok with it.  The postponement of the party actually worked to our advantage since Meg was sick on Friday.  She would have had to miss the party if it weren’t for the snow day.  Funny how things work out sometimes. 


The school party was a huge success.  All the children had a great time giving out their Valentine’s day cards to all of their classmates.  I’m so thankful that I’m the room mom.  I love to watch Meg interact with her classmates.  She’s as goofy as ever, but doing really well in school.  IMG_7282 

I decided to take her home with me after the party.  The only thing she would miss was free choice time, so I didn’t see the harm.  Plus, she couldn’t WAIT to get home to look thru all of her Valentine’s that she received from her classmates. 




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