Stop already!

When we woke up this morning, this was what we saw!  IMG_7477
I live in Texas.IMG_7460
It’s snowed six times this winter!  IMG_7461
It usually only sleets and ices!      IMG_7464
I’m so over the winter!  IMG_7465
I can’t wait for spring!


tinahead81 said...

i can't wait for spring either! it needs to get here already! lol we got about 6 inches last night, and we expect 6-12 more for tomorrow :o/ over.it.

Anonymous said...

I wish thats all the snow we got here! Ohio weather sucks!

Im looking forward to spring!

Thanks for stopping by!

Chelle said...

Crazy girl!! This winter has been so insane--and I'm totally ready for spring!


Hattie said...

Hi just found your blog from the Winey Mommy blog! I live in between Houston and Galveston. I can't believe it snowed north of Houston last night. This weather is soooo crazy! What a beautiful house too! I'm your newest follower!

Just Another Mom of 2 said...

Oh my goodness! Now, the pictures are beautiful and look very nice, but ugh, all that snow! I am not a fan of snow. Visiting & following you through The Winey Mommy!

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