Ft. Worth Zoo

Meg, Nawnaw and I love going to the zoo.  We have zoo passes, so don’t feel like we have to spend all day there.  It’s great to get in, spend a few hours there, then get out. 


On Saturday, Meg and I picked Nawnaw up first thing and headed to the zoo for a few hours.  Saturday was supposed to be beautiful, but it was cloudy and cold.  We still had a great time. 


The animals were all hanging out in the windows.  I guess because it wasn’t very crowded. 


I think the animals were enjoying the weather because they were all out and about, running thru their habitats.  I love watching the giraffes run – they look like they’re running in slow motion. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This was the first time I’ve ever seen the white tiger up so close.  He was absolutely beautiful (and, wouldn’t you know that I didn’t take my good camera).  He was lounging near the window.  When Meg walked up, the tiger saw her, licked his lips, then “snapped” at her.  It scared her, but we all thought it was pretty funny. 

***Before snapping***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

***After snapping***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

We loved how empty the zoo was (probably because of the weather).  It allowed Meg to run around with out me having to yell at her to watch where she was going.  She would run about 15 yards ahead of us, then circle back.  With all the running, it was a fight to get her to keep her jacket on.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

On our way out, we waked thru the Flamingos.  This was the first time I had seen the Caribbean Flamingos.  Their coloring was amazing.  I could kick myself for not bringing my big camera.  These pictures don’t really do any justice. 

***Caribbean Flamingo***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***Regular Flamingo***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Wren said...

Oh, what a lovely blog! I love the photos, too!


Dawn said...

Looks like a wonderful day out! Don't you adore days like these with who you love most in the world?! :)
Very sweet blog!

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