We had the most beautiful snow storm last week.  When we went to sleep Wednesday night, there wasn’t any snow in the air or on the radar, however, it was in the forecast :) 

I was super excited about the possibilities of snow.  I just kept thinking that Meg was going to have her first snow day.   When we woke up the next morning, the snow was coming down steadily and the snow was starting to accumulate on the ground. 

IMG_7130 copy

I was shocked when there weren’t any school cancellations.  It seems that since it was just snowing and the roads weren’t bad that MISD decided to chance it.IMG_7132 copy

 Because of the snow, Jarrad didn’t have to work, so we took Meg to school together.  I don’t think Jarrad wanted me driving in the snow.  It worked out in my favor because I was able to take pictures while we were driving around. 

IMG_7133 copy

I love how the house looked.  I asked Jarrad to drive into the neighborhood the long way so I could get a picture of the house with the snow.  It’s so beautiful! 

IMG_7138 copy

As Jarrad and I were on our way to pick Megan up from school (early), we stopped at a stop light and the snow slid right down Jarrad’s windshield.  It wasn’t as bad on his side, but i couldn’t see anything out of my side of the car.

IMG_7140 copy      

After we picked Megan up from school, her and I got into some warm jackets, hats, boots and gloves, then headed out into the front yard for some snow ball fighting and building a snow man. 


Unfortunately, Meg wasn’t feeling very good.  She had a sore throat, so she didn’t want to stay out too long.  Honestly, I probably shouldn’t have let her play in it knowing that she was sick (she had been running a fever the night before), but it was her first snow day and I wanted to have these memories with her. 

IMG_7145 copy  IMG_7151 copy


Here is our pathetic attempt at a snowman.  This was my first time making a snowman – it’s pretty obvious :)  All that matters is that this was something that Meg and I did together.  We had a great time. 

IMG_7159 copy

After we built our snowman, Jarrad came out with us and we had a mini snowball fight.  Meg’s got pretty good aim and an even better arm when it comes to hitting her daddy with the cold snow.  After a few minutes of snowball fighting, Meg decided that she had had enough and wanted to head inside to lay down for a nap (as I mentioned, she was sick – more to come on that). 


So, Meg headed in and I snapped a few more pictures of the snow.  IMG_7165 copy      

It was so beautiful.  The best part of our snow weekend, besides the fact that we ended up having a snow day on Friday (although Meg’s v-day party was scheduled for that day) and my parents came into town. 

IMG_7167 copy

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