Last Friday, Meg asked if she could have one of her friends sleep over.  Of course I said yes.  Megan and Rebecca have become fast friends.  Rebecca and her family moved back to Mansfield from China in January.  As soon as these two little girls laid eyes on each other a bond was formed. 

They are so much alike and so different in so many ways. 

They are both going to be starting first grade this fall.  IMG_3019 

They both love to scream like only little girls can doIMG_3000

They are both girly girls (although Meg can be rough and tumble too)IMG_3005

Megan is an only child; Rebecca has two older sisters. IMG_3007

Megan speaks English; Rebecca speaks English and Chinese.IMG_3008

Megan is a dare devil and has no limits; Rebecca is more cautious.IMG_3013 These two little girls are turning out to be great friends.  I know how special a life long friendship is and hope that Rebecca will be to Megan what Jamie is to me!  There is nothing more special than a life long friendship! 

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