Go Rangers

Sunday night, Meg and I went to the Rangers game with our dear friends Aaron and Sandra.  (I really should have asked Meg to get a picture of the grown ups).  We had a great time with them. 

Meg and I met Aaron and Sandra at swimming lessons.  There are two other kiddos in swimming lessons (Lauren and Ben).  Aaron, Lauren and Ben have been taking swimming lessons since they were itty bitty.  Meg was lucky enough to join this group 3 years ago.  They all became fast friends, as did the moms. 



***Self portrait by Meg***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***Our seats were awesome – the Lexus Club***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***Self portrait of Aaron and Megan***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

***Game over, Rangers win***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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New Leaf Nickie said...

Hey there! Visiting from NFF! Love the look of your blog!

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