A Family Tradition

On Monday, I received a package in the mail and was so excited.  Even though I wasn’t aware what was in package, it’s always nice to get something that isn’t a bill. 

Imagine my excitement when I opened the package to find a photo book from Shutterfly.  The photo book was a collection of wedding portraits dating back to July 22, 1925.  “The Howe Handkerchief” – a family tradition that began in 1925 on my dad’s side of the family!  The handkerchief is carried by brides on their wedding days.  The photo book contains pictures of 43 wedding days.  What a great way to capture such an amazing tradition. 

Here are a few pictures of the photo book. 



***Catherine Howe married James R. Thomas***
***July 22, 1925***


****Catherine Mott married Forrest Jordan***
***August 5, 1942***
***my grandparents on my dad’s side of the family***IMG_3203


***John Russell Jordan married Suzette Wray***
***May 23, 1971***
***my parents***


Jarrad & I, Taylor & Ruth were right next to each other in the book.  Kyle and Sheryl were on the facing page.  It’s cool that we were so close to each other in the book. 

***Allison Jordan married Jarrad Ramsey***
***April 26, 2003***

***Taylor Jordan married Ruth Huber***
***July 25, 2003***IMG_3210


***Kyle Jordan married Sheryl Peters***
***February 26, 2005***


***the back cover of the photo book***IMG_3213

This is definitely a tradition that will carry on for generations to come. 

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