Family Vacation 2010 {Part Four}

Saturday night, after a fun filled day at the beach, the adults left our kids with the grandparents and decided to go out to dinner and then headed to a club.  Dinner was great, but the real fun began at Sharkey’s. 

Being the “grown ups” that we are, we got to the bar super early.  Which actually worked in our favor because we got a great table right at the dance floor.  We had great laughs!  There was poetry in the women’s bathrooms, very interesting people watching, a dancing couple that were really good…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

…but, nothing could compare to Wonder Woman’s retarded cousin :)  This woman was dressed to impress for a night out on the town!  She had on a black pleather mini skirt with a zipper all the way up the front, a red halter top that was interesting.  To top the outfit off, she was wearing bright read rain boots.  We referred to her as Wonder Woman’s Retarded Cousin (WWRC). 


Ruth and I managed to squeeze in a few dances before the night was over.  We kept laughing because we would get so tired dancing – we just can’t hang like we once could :) 


We didn’t shut down the bar, but had a great time still!  Still more to come on our vacation. 

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