While Meg and I were shopping one day, she asked if I would buy her a Frisbee.  Since, the Frisbee was only a dollar, I agreed…only if she was a good girl for the rest of the shopping trip :)  I’m definitely not above bribing Meg when we’re having “one of those days” grocery shopping. 

That night, Meg and her daddy went out into the backyard for a lesson.  I grabbed my camera and we headed outside.  Meg is a lefty, and dad taught her to throw with her right hand.  It was very frustrating for her, so eventually I had to point out that he needed to show her with her left had.  After that, she had a couple good throws.

IMG_2523 IMG_2526

Once she got tired of throwing the Frisbee, Jarrad played fetch with her.  Yes, fetch.  Jarrad would throw it across the yard and she would bring it back to him. 

IMG_2535 IMG_2536


***Proud Meg***

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