Family Vacation 2010 {Part Two}

Saturday morning, we were all up pretty early.  We made breakfast, loaded up the truck with all of our tents, chairs, coolers and beach toys and made our way down to the beach.  Kyle & Sheryl drove Kyle’s truck down so we wouldn’t have to lug all of our stuff down the boardwalk. 

***Meg, Poppy & Luke***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

Meg, Poppy, Meme, Ruth, Taylor, Luke, Jarrad and I walked down to the beach.  We managed to get there before Kyle and Sheryl, so we took Meg out into the ocean for her first time.  She wasn’t sure at first because there was tons of seaweed, but she put on a brave face and let daddy carry her out there. 

***Meg and Jarrad walking into the ocean***  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

Taylor and Ruth brought a small blow up pool for Luke.  It worked out perfectly, he loved playing in it while we were out there. 

***Luke and Meg playing in the pool***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


After all the tents were set up and our “nest” was made, Jarrad and I took Megan out into the ocean to splash around.  She loved every minute of it. 


Poppy brought two boogie boards, so we got her out there on one.  She had an absolute blast riding the boogie board.  She’s so light that she could ride a good wave all the way in.  I was able to get a few videos and will post them soon. 

All-in-all, I would say that our first day at the beach was great.  Meg was one tired little girl by the time we headed in for the night.  Once we got back to the house from the beach, she showered and went straight to bed.  This was at 5:00pm.  She slept thru the night. 

Saturday night the adults went out to dinner and left the kiddos with their grandparents.  More to come about that wonderful night. 

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