Family Vacation 2010 {Part One}

This year, we headed to Port Aransas for our annual family vacation.  We left out on Friday, July 9 and came home Tuesday, July 13.  This year, family vacation was a little different because we met our long-time friends, the Boones, there.   Meg was super excited about family vacation this year because we were going to the beach.  This was her first time. 

***Meg is ready for the road trip***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          

Meg, Jarrad and I rode down with Meme and Poppy.  Meg was pretty quiet on the ride down because she was watching movies.  We were all excited to get there.  In true Poppy fashion, we had to plan our trip down around lunch.  After lunch, we got back in the car and continued on our journey down to Port A.

***Beautiful Meg in the car***IMG_2629

***Welcome to Port Aransas***IMG_2634

We arrived in Port A about an hour before check-in time, so we did a little shopping.  Outside the shop was a guy with a few parrots.  He asked Megan if she’d like to meet them.  This led the the picture below :) 


After we did a little shopping, we headed back to the rental office to get our keys for the house.  We unloaded, went grocery shopping, had dinner and then headed to the beach that night for some crab hunting.  This was Meg’s first time at the beach, she was so excited. 

***Meg and Poppy crabbing on the beach***OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


She had so much fun crabbing.   We headed back to the house to go to bed.  Meg had a big day ahead of her, so I wanted her to get some sleep. 


Stay tuned for more family vacation :)

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