Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent the evening with Nina in Dallas.  Meg, Jarrad and I got to Nina’s house around 5:30.  Meg was very happy to see Nina, Auntie Lee Lee, Uncle Eddy and Jackson.  Unc, Aunt Michelle and Parker got to the house a little later in the evening.   


Meg and I had baked Christmas cookies the night before, so they were ready for decorating.  We all decorated a few cookies and ate a few too.  Right as we were finishing up cookie decorating, Nina’s power went out.  Thankfully she has a gas stove, so we were still able to cook what we needed.  The power was probably off for over an hour.  As we were sitting at the table, enjoying the meal, the power came back on. Nina is a candle burner, so we had plenty of light. 


After dinner, we exchanged Christmas presents.  Meg got lots of great stuff this year, including a cook book, apron, Juicy crayons and a box full of money.  It was a great Christmas Eve.



***Parker Ramsey***


***Jackson Bradley***IMG_6819

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