Christmas Card Photo Attempt

As was attempted last year, we attempted to get a shot of Meme and Poppy with the grandkids for their Christmas card.  While Meme and Poppy were getting ready, I had the chance to get a few pictures of Luke and Megan. 

I love this picture of Luke.  I was able to snap it at just the right time and think it turned out great. 


Megan was being a goof ball.  She wouldn’t sit in front of the pond, so I snapped a few pictures while she was acting like a monkey and swinging around on Meme and Poppy’s swing by the washer pit. 


I wasn’t able to get a picture of Megan and Luke both looking at me.  Luke is looking at Ruth who was jumping around behind me trying to force a smile from Luke. 


This isn’t the best picture, but it’s my favorite!  I love the way Luke is looking at Megan. 


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