Christmas Day

After celebrating with Jarrad and Megan on Christmas morning, we headed over to Boompaw & Nawnaw’s house to celebrate Christmas with them.  Nick, Michelle & Parker were there as well as Leigh Ann, Eddy & Jackson.  We were sad that Stacy & Bryan couldn’t be there – they were definitely missed by Megan and me. 
The house was very busy with two infants and a six-year old girl who just had to bring her babies (Reagan, Rachael, Sarah & Travis).  Boompaw looked very comfortable in his recliner with his boys.  Parker (left, 5 weeks) and Jackson (right, 3 months) were right at home in his arms too. 
Around noon, Meg was in the kitchen with Boompaw and she saw Santa and Mrs. Claus pull up in the driveway.  She immediately started screaming and yelling and ran straight for the front door.  I love her enthusiasm, it’s contagious!  Meg is so thoughtful that she even thanked Santa for her gifts at the house earlier that morning.  I love this girl of mine! 
***Santa & Meg***
***Mommy, Santa, Meg & Daddy***IMG_6915
***Boompaw, Santa, Megan & Nawnaw***
***Boompaw, Jackson, Santa, Megan, Parker & Nawnaw***
***Parker, Santa, Jackson & Megan***
***Beautiful Megan***

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